Disney World Day 1: Animal Kingdom


Photo perfect view of Expedition Everest 

It’s time again for that yearly family  trip down to Florida to visit the grandparents. This year was an extra special event because Grandma decided that she wanted to take everyone to Disneyworld. So off to Orlando we all went to enjoy Florida’s hot sun ( seriously upper 90’s!!!!)  and lots of Disney fun.

Woke up Friday needing something to do. Most of the extended family had not arrived in Orlando yet, and GB headed off to the Disney  offices for a half day work.  No fun just sitting around in a hotel room waiting, so SB and I decided to packed up and headed off to Disney’s  Animal Kingdom park  to hang with its 1,700 animals. This was our first family trip to Animal Kingdom and we discovered it  is kind of like an Epcot for animals. Inside we found a mix of zoo experience and fun Disney rides including one amazing Everest themed rollarcoaster.  But the highlight of the day was the African Safari ride on a jungle bus, bouncing along the wild road in the pouring rain. Of course everything is Disney perfection with guaranteed animal sightings in a perfect photo setting. Sometimes I even forget the exotic beauty of props from far off lands is not real.

Kilimanjaro Safaris, an African themed safari ride that bounces along the rugged jungle road.




Maharijah Jungle Trek 

We decided to venture into the Maharijah Jungle Trek  to  entertain ourselfs while waiting for our Kali River Rapids Fastpass time. Inside of this Asian themed zoo setting we stumblled across these Giant Fox Bats from the Phillipines. Wow are these things big!  A sign on the wall let us know that they have  a 5 foot wing span. Not something I want to run into in the middle of the night.

DSC02079 bats


Tam Tam Drummers of Harambe.


Wandering around the park brought us across many amazing forms of entertainment  including this group of African drummers. Love the bright yellow costumes and straw accessories. But  not sure what was more entertaining, the drummers, or the brave people who got out to dance in front of the drummers. All I know is SB and I  had a great time watching the talent, ( and some fools) dance around the park.


Warning!!! Beware of hidden tree men!  SB  and I ran into this odd creature hanging out in the trees of Asia. Can you pick him out from the trees?


Hey! No photos please!!!

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