Disney World Day 2: Magic Kingdom

One of the best parts about having In-laws that live in Florida is Disney World!!!


Our Group of 8 at Disney World.

By day 2 the whole group had arrived in Orlando and off to Disney’s Magic Kingdom all 8 of us went. This is classic Disney the way I remember it from when I was a kid. Main Street, Cinderella’s castle, the mouse ear balloons, and the parades. I find it so nice to know some things don’t change with age. Some things are always the same.


This was 100% the most un-eventful day I have ever had inside a Disney park. By the end of the night we had managed to successfully ride only 2 rides in the park. ONLY 2!!!! That was a first for me. Maybe Disney parks just are not designed for large groups of 8. Or maybe park luck just was not on our side this day. First we ended up stuck inside Pirates of the Caribbean for 20 minuets due to some technical issue. That song playing over, and over, and over. Next we made it all the way to the front of the Thunder Mountain line to have it shut down by a thunderstorm. Anyone else think its funny something called ” Thunder Mountain” can’t take on a thunderstorm?


Thunder Mountain

Note for future: Remember to ride all the outdoor rides early in the day to avoid the Florida afternoon thunderstorms. Unfortunately we learned too late that this is a daily event in the month of August. At the first rumble of thunder Disney brings all the outdoor rides to a standstill until the storm has passed. This could be 15 minuets or 3 hours.



A true classic. The Main Street Electrical Parade.

By dinnertime most of our group had given up and headed back to the hotel for the night. Ok, they all live in Florida and can come back to Disney anytime they want, but GB and I were determined to get something more out of this trip. So back to the park we went to enjoy the best of Disney after dark. Fireworks, candy apples, and the Main Street Electrical Parade. I felt just like a kid again bouncing around to the Electrical Parade song and sharing candy apples with my best friend.


Tip: Adults, don’t be afraid of that candy apple. It is the best I ever tasted. Chocolate covered with marshmallow ears. You can get them fresh at the candy counter in the back of the Main Street Confectionary and ask to have them sliced the adult way. No sticky candy face and they are perfect to share.

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