Study Abroad Paris Style #1 : Art, Art, and Architecture


11 Art Museums

6 Cathedrals

3 Castles

1 Garden

1 Opera House

And a boat cruise on the Seine

WOW! Paris was exhausting!  17 intense days of Study Abroad Paris with the Academy of Art University . After 3 years of waiting and planning to go, this was a dream come true. Art history in Paris!!! What could be better then visiting all the amazing art in Paris with not just one, but two college professors. Class would start sometime around 9 everyday and not wrap up until around 4:30 in the afternoon.   And on top of all that was daily  reading assignments, and 4 papers to write. Yes, I was exhausted.

But hey, I am a student, I am child free, and I am in Paris! Who wants to stay in and sleep at night? So out I went with my 26 new Academy of Art friends to experience the city. Paris was romantically  beautiful, grand, and inspiring.  By the end of the trip I just keep thinking,” I got to get out and live more”.

6 months later, back at home, I am living more!

garden at the Carnavalet Museum

LMB in the garden at the Carnavalet Museum in Paris

One of our professors giving class lecture as we all walked along the streets in the beautiful  Loire River Valley.

My Daily breakfast special from the cafe across the street from our hotel Citadines Palace d’Italie.  Orange juice, cappuccino, and 2 servings of bread. The French love to eat bread.

Walking around the streets of Paris is like walking around the worlds largest art gallery. A wall of street art in the trendy Bastille neighborhood of Paris.

Picnicking on the world famous Seine with Academy of Art students after a long day of class.

Sunset on the Seine.

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