California Weekend Getaway: Family Fun Dining on Monterey Bay


A day late for vacation, but finally we were here in California and ready to go. GB, who arrived the day before,  picked us up in the rental car and off we went for a 2 hour drive down to Monterey.  Along the way we stopped in San Jose at the very odd  Winchester Mystery  House so that SB could find out if it was really haunted with Ghosts. Rumor says that Sarah Winchester believed she had to continuously build on her house to prevent the ghosts  of all the people killed by the Winchester Rifle from getting her. At the end of her life she had constructed a 160 room house without any guidance of a building plan. We found admission to be a little bit pricy, but it was by far the oddest house we have seen, and the highlight of the trip for our 9-year-old daughter.


Finally we had arrive in Monterey and after a short nap we all headed out to find some dinner. Too tried to drive to Carmel like originally planned, we asked the hotel Bell-Hop to point us in a direction. He advised a two block walk right through  Monterey’s old Historic State Park to fisherman’s Wharf.  The historic park path  took us past a handful of old adobe looking buildings that were built by Spanish Explorers in 1602 until we arrived at  a long wooden pier lined with  seafood stands and candy shops.


On the wharf we found a cluster of  seafood places all fronted by open air market stands where one can pick up fresh cooked seafood to go, or snack on little samples of clam chowder. SB and I greatly enjoyed the samples because by this time we were starving.  We decided to give the The Grotto Fish Market a try, and ordered some classics like the chowder filled bread bowl, and an amazing seafood salad. The meal did not disappoint and  the wharf was a great place for family fun. 





After dinner  we all made a stop in at  one of the many candy shops on the wharf where GB found  the most adorable little characters made of gum.  The night ended with us all  admiring the views of the bay while snacking on candy  as we walked back  throughout the historic park talking about our plans to visit the Aquarium the next day.


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