Road Trip USA! Hello Florida


Day 1

Our flight took a little over 15 hours, but we have finally arrived in Florida. This was one seriously long day of travel. And yes, We all could have flown all the way to China in less time. But after 5 hours of sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for our plane to arrive, we were all really excited to land in West Palm Beach and be greeted by that hot sticky Florida air.

If you started reading the blog last year you have probably figured out that Florida is a yearly vacation for us. We come down to the sunshine state to visit GB’s family and enjoy the warm water beaches. Our lake beaches at home just don’t have the same feel. The first few days of our trip have been filled with family, favorite home cooked meals, and a grand battle of miniature golf. Hanging with the family has been a great way to kick off our road trip adventure.

Next stop:  The long roads of Florida!


Thanks to my sister-in-law for sending me all the fun golf photos.

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