Road Trip USA! Panama City Beach


Day 6

Hello Panama Beach. After almost 7 hours of driving along the west coast of Florida we arrived at our first stop. A Holiday Inn beach front resort right on the Gulf Coast. It’s all warm water and velvet soft sand on this beach. The next 16 hours were all about relaxing summer style. First thing SB did was grab her suit and run to play in the  pool and water park. They had just rolled out a  big movie screen out onto the pool deck, and soon everyone was floating in the pool watching The Croods.

The next day we woke up to an amazing view of miles of white sand and clear water.  It was time to go explore. We order a quick breakfast and coffee to go, but in the process we discovered that we were a long way for the coffee loving North West. Our waiter delivered two cups of steaming hot  light brown water with a lid and straw?  Help! Where is the Starbucks when you need one? After a couple of sips, the cups were dumped and we all opted for a  nice beach swim to wake us up.





Warm water so clear we could see the fish swimming around our ankles. They kind of tickled a little bit. This was very entertaining until we saw a big sting ray swim by. Everyone  around us started to get out of the water.  It was not something we wish to have a tangle with. So back to the safety of the hotel pool we went for another hour of fun before getting back on the road again.

Next stop: New Orleans!


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