Road Trip USA! Houston, TX



In the great state of Texas they fly their flag big and proud. It was one of the first things we all noticed about the state. Everywhere you look you see the state flag. Seriously,  it’s everywhere. Guess this is what they are talking about when they talk about Texas Pride. As soon as we rolled across the state line we knew we were here. Hello Texas!

Our first stop in Texas was just outside of Huston to visit some friends.  We were greeted with a warm and friendly welcome sign sketched up just for us on the chalkboard, and some big friendly hugs. It is always great to see friends on the road. After a full day of travel we were starved and wanting some Texas style food, and we all headed out for BBQ. Our friends  explained to us that BBQ joints  are often located in, or next to, gas stations. No one seemed to know exactly why. But the experience was fun, all the kids loved it,  and we don’t have anything like this at home.


So what is it you think about when you think about Huston? Space Travel! The next day we all spent the day visiting the museum at the Johnson Space Center. If you don’t know, this is where the astronauts come to train. A tram tour of the facilities takes visitors into see the areas where astronauts practice living in space. After the tour patrons can wander the museum learning all about life as an astronaut. Here important questions are answered like, how do you use the bathroom in space? If you want to know you will just have to visit the museum yourself. Don’t worry, they have lots of good serious stuff to learn about too.

After a fun afternoon living the astronaut life, we hugged our friends goodbye, and started back out on the road. Next stop: Austin!



International Space Station Training Center.



3 thoughts on “Road Trip USA! Houston, TX

  1. We so enjoyed your stay with us! And, going to Space Center Houston was quite the treat for us, too, as we have not been in years! Thank you for stopping by along the way in your road trip!

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