Road Trip USA! On The Road Texas



Highway in Texas. Notice the weird effect that makes the edge of the road appear as if it blends with the sky. As you drive closer it disappears. GB was very intrigued. It turns out this is actually a real Mirage and is a reflection of the sky on the road.

It took us 4 days to cross the great state of Texas with stops in Houston, Austin, and Fort Stockton. Well no one has actually heard of Fort Stockton, but we needed a place to stop after a long days drive. Along the way we enjoyed the changing landscape, farm fresh fruit, and historic road side stops.

One thing we have learned is that T-Mobile sucks in this area of the country. Service in big cities has been fine, but all the small stops and road stretches in between are hopeless. If you are thinking of road tripping across the lower US, borrow a friends GPS. Without a GPS we would be lost.

One of these historic stops was Fort Martin Scott. Built in 1848 to supply security to travelers on the frontier. We enjoyed wandering around the old historic buildings and reading about how the officers used to live. The buildings reminded me of old Wild West movies.

Fort Martin Scott



Sweet peaches for hungry travelers

View from the road in the middle of Texas



Cow art, is this for the cows or the humans?20140826-091946-33586986.jpg

Miles and miles of oil fields and oil pumps

Next stop: Austin!

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