Road Trip USA! Austin Texas

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On day 5 of our trip we arrived in Austin Texas. Hello Austin!  I had heard a lot about this place and was excited to visit.  It was 102 degrees outside when we pulled in to our hotel and everyone wanted to cool off in the pool. We had just put our suits on and dipped our toes in the beautiful pool on the roof, when Monsoon sized raindrops came crashing down. OK, Change of plans. Must be time for dinner.
GB  is a huge fan of Yelp and Twitter, and both have come in handy on this trip.  He sent out a tweet asking what was good near our hotel. The tweet back recommended Ironworks BBQ. Just a two walk block from our hotel in downtown Austin. Here we dined on some of the most amazing beef ribs I have ever had. Barbecue sauce covered and sticky good!
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The next day we decided to take a trip to the South Congress neighborhood for a little shopping. We had heard all about its funky boutiques and food truck culture, and wanted to check it out for ourselves. Here we stumbled across Allens Boots. Never seen so many cowboy boots in my life! A whole row for each size. GB looked at me and I smiled at him. Yup, it was time to get some Texan cowboy boots. Little did we know that we were going to be needing these boots later in the trip. Tell you more about that when we get to California. Shopping for boots in Texas was one of the best shopping experiences on this trip. Something about this Austin reminds me of Portland, but with a western flair. GB tweeted “Austin is the Portland of Texas” to which one of his Austinian followers replied “Or Portland is the Austin of Oregon”. Regardless of which is the true story, it is one cool place!

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Have you ever seen so many boots? That is just one size! At checkout the sales girl informed us Allens Boots has the biggest selection in Texas. Over 4,000 boots on the racks. Here is a shot of the new Block family boots.

photo 3

All this shopping had left us feeling a little hungry. GB knew just where to go, a taco bar! Torchy’s Tacos offers an unexpected menu of taco choices out of a food truck in a trailer park. Perfect place to refuel before getting back on the road again for another day of driving across the South West.

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Next stop: New Mexico!

One thought on “Road Trip USA! Austin Texas

  1. Love that you got cowboy boots and yes austin’s motto is “keep Austin weird!!” Totally reminds me of Portland and seattle!

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