Road Trip USA! Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

The Beautiful New Mexico Skyline

Finally, after 4 days of driving, we had made it out of Texas and into New Mexico.  The drive through this state offered up amazing views of  endless land, blue skys, and fluffy white clouds in every shape imagined. We all agreed, It was beautiful!  And enjoyed our drive across this amazing state.

Two hours into our trip we arrived at our first stop, Carlsbad Caverns in the Chihuahuan Desert. At the visitor center we purchased park passes for a surprising affordable $10 a person ( kids are free!), and started hiking the one mile long path through the natural cave Entrance that took us 755 feet down under the earths surface.  One of the most amazing parts of hiking this path is the feeling of quietness and isolation in the large dark cave.  The park has created a paved light path to make it easy for healthy active visitors to hike down to the cavern rooms. If you want to skip the long hike down, you can take an elevator from the gift shop to the bottom.  Once we arrived at  the bottom of the path we were amazed to find  a mile long room full of glistening stalactites and stalagmites that mother nature had created  by dripping surface water into the caves for over 500,000 years. The magnitude of the room and all its  naturally sculpted beauty quickly reminds you of how small you really are in this world.


We hear the evening flight of the bats is a truly amazing event to see. At dusk thousands of bats fly up out of the cave into the New Mexico sky. If you plan to visit try to make time for this event.  unfortunately we did not have the luxury of time to stay because we had to get back on the road to Santa Fe.


 Next stop: Santa Fe!













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