Road Trip USA! Santa Fe, New Mexico

Day 12: endless hours of shopping in the silver and turquoise filled boutiques of Santa Fe.


Blogging on the road can be a challenge. Bad internet, poor cell service, and winding roads easily create an ongoing posting issue! Plus it’s hard to find time to sit still when running around and having fun. Some of you may have noticed that the posts are running a few states behind. No worries. I’m also working hard to catch you up with the whole story.

After Carlsbad we found ourselves back on the road for another 5 hours driving through Roswell and into Santa Fe. Too much fun in the caverns had caused us to overstay our time plan at Carlsbad and end up getting into Santa Fe kind of late. SB was bummed by this because she really wanted to swim,  When you are 10 swimming is a big priority, and long car rides can be a bore. Unfortunately this night the pool was already closed.

The next day, after checking out of our hotel, we headed over to the old town styled Plaza area for a few hours of lunching and shopping. Here the narrow streets are line with sandstone colored buildings in a Spanish Pueblo Revival style, and filled with small shops offering a mix of Native American and Mexican arts. This was everyone’s first visit to Santa Fe. It did not disappoint. This was also the first stop where I noticed people put an effort into creative dressing when spending an afternoon out on the town. Maybe the dry desert heat just makes everything easier here. So if you headed to Santa Fe, try to expand you packing options beyond the standard American T-shirt and jeans.

The Native American market along the Plaza square


Mexican arts

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

Painted beams at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts


At lunchtime a search of Yelp recommended  The Shed , a James Beard winner, for a traditional taco and enchilada lunch. The restaurant is located in a beautiful old  hacienda from 1692, and started cooking in this spot in 1953.  We should have known the food was going to be a little spicy by the ” Hot Stuff!” label on the website. It made a tasty lunch before getting back on the road.



Next stop: Sedona!

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