Road Trip USA! Pink Jeep Sedona

Day 14: Hopping around Sedona’s red rocks in a jeep


All I can say is one thing. PINK JEEP!!!  When my mother-in-law heard that we were going to Sedona she told us we had to take a Pink Jeep Tour. And we are SO happy we decide to listen. Everyone agrees this was one of the most fun experiences of the whole trip! Right away SB started jumping around when she saw the overly bright hot pink jeep pull up for our tour. In her mind, any activity that involves a pink car is worth going on. And this one was going up into the red rock mountains. Who wouldn’t jump around about this.

Our driver Gene  buckled us all in tight, flashed a big smile, said “hold on tight”, and we were off. Two hours of fun bouncing around the dirt back roads of Sedona’s red rocks. All of us with big smiles across our faces,  hanging on extra tight  to our seat belts so we would not fall out.  Gene was an amazing tour guide who told us all about  how the red rock and sandstone formation were formed along with a bunch of other fun facts. Any Disney fans reading today? Did you know that Disney’s Thunder Mountain is modeled after one of Sedona’s famous red rocks? The tour was amazingly fun and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Sedona.

Here’s a video GB took from the tour, as you can see SB was having a blast!

Views of Sedona’s Red Rocks from the Pink Jeep Tour









Prickly Pear Catcus



Sunset in Sedona


Next stop: Grand Canyon! 











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