Road Trip USA! Grand Canyon Railway


After days of sitting in the car and watching the road slide by, we decided to give the car a break and jump on the Grand Canyon Railway. The train takes off from Historic Williams, Arizona, and transports visitors to Grand Canyon National Park in a vintage 1970 train. We decide to go for one of the overnight park package for a two-day treat. The experience on the train was packed full of entertainment. From the Wild West show before boarding, to the wacky humor of our train conductor (complete with western looking handlebar mustache), and live music. Our train ride was enjoyable and relaxing as we dine on the buffet breakfast, and watch the land go by. 

Our train car,the Coconino. 



The Grand Train Robbery!



Did I really see what I thought I saw? A Wild West cowboy riding next to our train?!

Oh my, guess what? IT’S A WILD WEST TRAIN ROBBERY!! Bandits boarded our train, and all in fun, demanded we hand over ALL of our valuables. SB could not stop grinning from ear to ear as she saw the old west outlaws pacing up and down our train car. The whole experience was highly entertaining for travelers of all ages, and we all recommended this experience to anyone traveling to the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Railway is the way to go!




SB hanging out with the Sherif in the wild wild west!


Thankfully the bandits did not find our precious car keys. We have places to go and a story to tell.

Next Stop: Las Vegas! 





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