Road Trip USA! The Road To California


The road to California took us away from the beauty of the Grand Canyon, through the desert,  and into Las Vegas. We pulled into this city of lights after dark, but after all the natural beauty of the land on the road Vegas just did not impress. I think this was everyone’s least favorite stop on the trip. Our hotel was smelly, the service was rude, and SB was extremely bothered by the drunk obnoxious people wandering around. It was only a one night stay, and the next morning we were quick to pack and get out of town. Vegas fun will have to wait for a future time when GB and I can make a weekend escape alone.

Excalibur, our Vegas stop hotel, did not turn out to be as fun as it looked.


The next day was back on the road again, and into the beautiful Nevada desert. The view was all blue sky and sand colored hills as we left the main highway for  a two lane road winding into Sandy Valley, Navada. This was everyone’s first time visiting a small airport community. In this neighborhood, everyone has a hanger twice the size of a house, and airplanes get the right of way on the road. SB was hoping she would get to ride in an airplane, but was disappointed to learn that it was too windy for flying on this day. But Uncle D had another fun toy hiding inside his hanger. A new all electric Tesla! And we were all going out for a ride.

Sandy Valley Neighborhood.


Uncle D’s house with a view of the airport runway at the end of his block.


After saying goodbye to Uncle D, it was back on the road again for our final 5 hour stretch, through the Mojave Desert,past Edwards Air Force Base with all its strange blinking lights,  and into the  California Mountains.



Next Stop: California!

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