Road Trip USA! Hello California


Hello California! After 18 days we finally rolled into the Golden State. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing drought in California, this state is looking a little more brown from what I remember as a kid. We planned to be here a week, and our first stop was Aunt B and Uncle E’s ranch tucked into the beautiful mountains of Frazier Park. SB, being the city kids she is, finds this stop to be a real treat.

The Ranch in the California Mountains 


Every morning while visiting Aunt B and Uncle E, we  were all awakened  just after  dawn by SB racing  through the ranch house and out the door to help feed the chickens, goats, and horses. She was loving life on the ranch. Actually, all of us were loving it. After weeks on the road it was kind of nice to trade in the car for horseback riding and exploring the ranch. GB, being the adventurous one, even discovered a new sport. Off-roading on the back mountain roads in a dune buggy. I do have to admit I was a little nervous, as I watched him drive off, that he would never find his way back. Good think this dune buggy had a GPS attached.



I don’t think anyone actually wanted to leave the ranch, we were all having too much fun. But we had a few more important people to see in the LA before flying back home. So it was hugs and kisses, and back in the car for one last drive down the mountain and into the Los Angeles area to visit LB’s sister.

Southern California Pool Life

If you are from the Northwest this feels like the life. Sunny california days by the backyard pool. Diana and Chris had invited us all over for an afternoon BBQ and a tour of their new house. It was a hot California day, so the pool was the perfect place to be with a view of the Southern California hills as a backdrop. These were the same hills that burned in one of Califormia’s mega fires almost 6 years ago. Us adults all huddled under a big umbrella avoiding the sun, while SB and her cousin kicked about in the sunny pool. The BBQ chicken and corn made it a perfect afternoon, and I knew we would all be missing this pool when we went home.

Next Stop: Home

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