Snug Harbor

It’s holiday time again! The time of the year when GB, SB, and I get to escape for a few days into the beauty of the Northwest.  You may remember the amazing train trip down the coast from last year. This year we decided to pack up all our holiday cheer, along with a car load of bags, and spend a quiet week enjoying the views of San Juan Island. The experience was the exact opposite of our NYC trip that we kicked off the holidays with. A quiet and relaxing trip with no planned schedules, and a lot of hanging out in our PJ’s.

The trip started out with a car ride, and a ferry ride across the San Juan Channel to Friday Harbor. And as soon as we started our trip, GB decided he had to make a pit stop for classic road trip snacks. Wouldn’t be a road trip without them. The winter weather in  Western Washington was gray and cold, but the views from the ferry were still amazing.


Snug as a bug in a rug in Snug Harbor. 

 Ok, the truth is that they have no bugs here because it is just too beautiful. (Yes, I have created my own law that says no bugs in beautiful places) The ferry dropped us off in the small port town of Friday Harbor. Here we made  a quick visit to the market for milk and eggs before driving 20 minutes across the island to our rustic feeling cabin at the relaxing Snug Harbor resort. It was dark when we arrived, so we did not get to see the true beauty of the place until the next day.

Lucky cabin #13!  This is the place where we would spend most of our day relaxing  during our trip.  Baking, reading, games, a Star Wars marathon that  GB organized, and hours of programing BB-8 to spin across the cabin floor.  This was our  agenda for the holiday week. No time schedules, and not stress.


The view from our beautiful cabin windows.

The days were a little cold on the island with the temperature sitting around the mid 30’s, But we did still manage to make it outside a few times to explore. I do have to tell you getting out the door was no easy task. SB had somehow gotten it into her mind that she was NOT going to take off her PJ’s for 3 days, and had absolutely no interest in leaving the cabin. Why leave when we had a TV to watch, a fireplace, and an amazing view? So it took a lot of begging, pleading, and even some parental wining. But we did manage to get her out the door, and into the car for a little island exploring.

A 20 minute drive took us across the island  with some amazing views of Canada along the way. We ended up stopping at  one of the many driftwood beaches, where we spent as much time as we could stand exploring in the cold. It was beautiful, but I think we all agreed it would be an amazing beach to come back to in the summer. We had planned to stop and see one of the lighthouses too, but everyone was too cold after the beach and no one wanted to get out of the car.  Maybe some time in the future you will see a blog post about this exact spot in the sun.

img_5685 Happy Holidays Everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of the year and all the holiday cheer.

4 thoughts on “Snug Harbor

      • I think we should finally get you out camping! Although, I think we’ll have to rethink having Darkpaw in the tent with us! Camping in the islands would be fantastic!

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