2016 The Year of Minimal Travel 

airplane copy

Wow. I can’t believe it is already March and we don’t have a single trip on the calendar. Back in January, when I was working on my 2016 goals, travel  was big on my mind. GB had a list of amazing trips lined up for work this year (India, China, and the U.K.) and we were all talking about tacking some family vacation on to the end of his travels. Plus, I had picked “exotic international travel” as one of my goals for the year, and was dreaming up all kinds of amazing places we could go. But we have another, very much needed, goal on that list too. BIG HOUSE REMODEL!!!!!  You know the type where you actually have to move out for half the year to get it done. And after talking to a handful of architects we have come to realize the big house project is going to eat all of our travel budgets. So this year is now officially becoming the year of minimal travel. Yes, that is right. We are staying in our home town.

Now comes the next question; what does a girl do with a travel blog in the year of minimal travel? Well, not to worry. I have decided now is a great time to travel back down memory lane to all the amazing places that never made it into this blog.  The anniversary trip to New Zealand, romantic weekend in Paris, and our family love of Portland food carts. And I do know we will have at least one exciting trip to go on this  year. Can’t miss my  sister’s wedding. So don’t worry, we may be stuck at home, but I still have plenty of world hopping adventure to share.


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