Sunday Drive to Christophers

This year of minimal  travel has given us the chance to do a little exploring near home for a change. Often I find we are so busy trying to explore the world that we forget about what is so close to home. Shortly after the summer kicked off we were looking for something to do with the in-laws on their annual summer visit. Everyone was getting a little tired of doing the same old things over and over every year. GB and I decide it would be a great treat to get out of the city  this year, and see the beauty of Western Washington.  It was our adventurous  neighbors, raving about the amazing food, who suggested we take a drive out to  Christopher’s on Whidbey island. It sounded like the  perfect idea. GB decided to rent us a nice big and comfy SUV, and we all set off on one  beautiful Sunday drive to Coupeville. Along the way we made some stops to take in the breathtaking view of Deception Pass, and stretch our legs on a driftwood beach. The views in every direction were breathtaking.



It  really did turn out to be the perfect way to entertain out of town guests. We rolled into Coupeville a little over an hour before dinner time, leaving us enough time get out and explore the waterfront of this postcard perfect town. My in-laws were amazed by the beauty along the wharf, and spent the time slowly strolling along snapping photos of everything.



Dinner at Christopher’s did not disappoint. We were lucky and scored a cozy table outside with a view over the bay. And if that was not perfect enough, our waitress showed up with a  stack of warm blankets  just as the sun started to set. This allowed us all to take our time enjoying the dining experience.  But the best part of all was exactly what our neighbors had raved about. Christopher’s Penn Cove Mussels that were caught fresh right out in the bay in front of the restaurant.




Note: If you decide to visit Christopher’s on Whidbey be sure to call for a reservation.  We discovered this place is very popular with locals, and day trippers from the city. We were lucky to get a table!

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