A Romantic Weekend in Paris 2014


Paris. They call it the city of love. It was 2 years ago on Halloween night  that  GB and I found ourselves walking along the sidewalks of the Right Bank looking for something to eat. Both of us had been to Paris before (Do you remember why I started this blog?), but this was our first time to experience it together. GB had the weekend off between work trips in Spain and Sweeden. It was decided that I would join him for a much needed weekend getaway.  We had just arrived on a flight from Barcelona, and were not at all sure what to expect in Paris on Halloween night. Do the French even celebrate Halloween? We quickly learned the  answer was, yes, yes, and  yes!

A few blocks from our hotel we  found a heated table just outside of one of those always crowded French cafes, and settled in to watch the costumed party goers strolling by. One thing I have learned about Paris is that the dining is never just about the food. It is always a whole experience, and this was definitely true on Halloween night. Just seconds after our burgers arrived hundreds and hundreds of costume wearing motorcycle riders drove by. I have never seen anything like it at home.




It must be close to impossible to not feel romantic in The City of Love. Paris is dripping with the ambience of it. From classic street performers, to grand architecture, and mood inspiring lighting. They have it  all here.  For us this trip was the classic tourist photo    experienced together. We gazed upon the Mona Lisa, sipped the most indulgent chocolate at Angelina, spend hours shopping in the grand Galeries Lafayette, and dined by candlelight  under the shadow of the Sacre-Coeur. Each neighborhood was a new discovery, and time felt endless on this weekend escape. I think this carefree feeling must be why people love vacation so much.


Chocolate at Angelina after spending the morning at the Louvre with friends.


Romantic dinner in Montmartre after a tour of the Basilica Sacre-Coeur.


Ballet at  the beautiful Garnier Opera House. One of LB’s most favorite buildings  in the world.


The holiday decor in Galeries Lafayette.



View of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero.



View of the Trocadero from the Eiffel Tower.

No romantic weekend in Paris would  be complete without a trip to the Eiffel Tower. And if you have visited many  big cities, like GB and I have, you need to add it to your collection of important views. (Yes, we collect important views) This was both GB’s and my first visit to the top of the world famous landmark. I had seen it from the ground a few years ago, but the lines were too long at the time to catch the view from the top.

We started this adventure from the Trocadero so we could grab that classic tourist selfie of Paris, and snack on Nutella crepes. I’m not sure why, but the Nutella crepes always taste the best when  purchased from the cart of a street vendor, and eaten while enjoying this view. After it was off to  catch an elevator to the top of the tower and collect another view. Don’t forget the souvenirs. We finished off the trip with a few   inspiring keepsakes to take back home before slipping off to the airport. Our romantic weekend was over, and GB had to return to work.



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