Exploring Burnside and Stark in Portland

The beautiful Northwest city of Portland has become a regular stop for us over the past 10 years. Feels like we make it down here a couple times a year now. Sadly this Portland trip started off on a little bit of a sad note. The week before the worst had happened, a man stabbed 3 people on a train who had come to the aid of a Muslim teen and her friend. The city was now on edge in shock, and protesters on both sides of the political spectrum were planning to march with the threat of riots . This put my half Muslim family in a scramble to transfer our hotel stay out of the area of tension. Because this was a work trip for both GB and SB (more on this later) we decided not to cancel, but did restructure our weekend plans around the neighborhood the conference they were planning to attend was being held in. The conference organizers assured us this neighborhood would be safe.

After a little time searching online we found an amazing large room in the historic Mark Spencer Hotel located just a couple of blocks away from the conference venue, and one short block away from one of SB's favorite place. Powell Books. We also discovered our hotel was located just a half block down from Stumptown coffee. I don't know about you, but I always feel a little better when I know I have access to good coffee when traveling. Nothing is worse than waking up to a cup of brown water in a hotel room with no other options. Lucky for me Portland has many options. Overall, we lucked out. If we were going to be stuck exploring just one neighborhood on this trip, the neighborhood around Burnside and Stark St. was a good one to be stuck in. We found lots to do here.

The beautiful wall murals painted on the blocks around our hotel.


LB shops the super sized Anthropologie store in Portland. This is like going into a Anthropologie themed department store!!! Feels like heaven.

LB and SB visit Ten 2 Midnight Studios

When we arrived at the Ten 2 Midnight Studios we discovered we were in for a special treat. I thought I had come here to shop, and visit with my long time friend. But when we walked in we learned Liane had other plans. Today she was going to be teaching us to make our own jewelry designs. Both Sumi and I were excited about this. Portland is known for its arts and crafts. What a great idea to get to take a jewelry making class in Portland. And so SB and I sat hammering away on our little bras disks while Liane and I were catching up on the past years events. We each left with beautiful necklaces made by our own hands that we have enjoyed wearing all summer long.

Note to self: remember to look for more hands on classes when traveling! This was lots of fun.

GB and SB busy working on the the talk for Dot Net Fringe

Ok, now for the " more on this later" part. As I mentioned earlier, this trip to Portland was a work trip for both GB and SB. I'm sure you all know by now that GB travels around the globe speaking at technology conferences. And sometimes when we are lucky, SB and I get to go with him. This trip was an extra special one for SB. A few months before, GB asked SB if she would like to sign up to do a 5 minute talk with him on Jewelbots at the conference he was attending. ( Jewelbots is their technology hobby the like to have fun with together) SB is just like her dad, an amazing and fearless speaker. So of course she got all excited about the idea of doing a talk together with her dad at one of his conferences. Getting ready for the conference turned this trip into an amazing father and daughter adventure for both of them.

A video of the .Net Fringe talk can be found here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zLWwaUKCEoc.

One thing I always enjoy about visiting Portland is that no two trips are ever the same. We always stumble into something exciting and new to entertain us in this city. We ❤️ Portland.

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