My story of Hopping Around the World


LMB in Paris

Hopping around the world is my little story about my adventures with world travel.

Over the past year of my life I have embarked on 6 trips to 5 different Countries and enjoyed the life changing experience of different cultures and cities of the world.  After returning from 17 days in Paris I was looking at all my amazing photos when I began to realize I had collected so many photos, stories, and experiences that sharing them on Facebook was almost impossible.  My Solution, a travel blog.

Some of my stories are local and just around the corner; other will stretch all the way across the world. My hope is to share with you the best memories and experiences of each trip my family and I take. Maybe even inspire you to head off on your own adventure.  And if you go, please leave a comment and let me know what your best experience was too.

So here it is, my story of Hopping Around the World.


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